JokerBoat Coaster 420

For Your Enjoyment

de Coaster 420 is the launching pad to make you fall in love with the rafts. The little JokerBoat can be translated into a pure entry level to think of an upgrade to something more important after taking the hand. Perfect to perfection, with a box cooler as a seat, a back and a small console you will have the perfect boat to go for a swim in the company in your favorite cove.

For the work

Thanks to its small size, excellent hull and its weight / length ratio, the Coaster 420 is optimal for work tasks such as: passenger transport, sub-transport, marine management, etc.
Add high solid tubular craftsmanship and solid fenders and you’ll have the best battleship you can imagine.

Als een Tender

The large C420 is very versatile, it is also suitable as a perfect tender for any boat looking for a rubber boat to be put in water quickly and that will last a lifetime. On board it accommodates 4/5 people comfortably and with a bar motor or with wheelhouse and console, it turns into a fast, light and spectacular tender!

Technische specificaties

Lengte All Out: 4,08 m
Max Beam (opgeblazen): 1,82 m
Deck Lengte: 3,00 m
straal: 0,85 m
tubes Diameter: 48 cm
buizen Pressure: 0,30 Geldautomaat
Droog gewicht: 100 Kg
luchtcompartimenten: n ° 6
Max mensen aan boord: n ° 6
Max Engine Power: 37 kw (50 PK)
Motor Aslengte: S x1
Hull Bouwmateriaal: Glasvezel
zelflozende: No
Storage Spaces: n°4
project Categorie: C
trailerbaar: opgeblazen


Standaard uitrusting

Met de hand + EG-certificaten

Optionele uitrusting

Bow Storage Area Cushion
boot Cover

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