JokerBoat Clubman 19

Ideal for Fishing, Renting, Snorkeling and much more.

de Clubman 19 is a strong, compact, easy to drive and maintain RIB.

Voor uw plezier

de Clubman 19 has ample space for a day at the sea for 2 people or for a fishing trip in good company of a few friends. The bow & stern sunbathing spaces are incredibly comfortable and with an bimini top installed snoozing will be a pleasure on this gorgeous RIB.

voor het huren

Ideal for renting facilities, it is simple to understand by any client, even the most inexperienced, as the deck is designed to be practical and easy to use. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only a daily cleaning of tubes & deck and seasonal of the hull.

For Work / Fishing

In its OPEN version, removing all seating / sunbathing areas, and with the addition of a comfortable ridge base and a small console, de Clubman 19 can easily meet all the needs of a fisherman with open spaces and highly customizable features.

The bow is a sundeck suitable for 2 mensen (with sundeck extension installed).

At the far bow, a fiberglass nose with stainless steel cleats offers space for mooring lines and an anti-slip pad for landing and embarking passengers.
6 pillows stands above the 3 main bow lockers. Hypalon handles on the tubes ensure greater grip and safety in navigation.

The console is slightly larger than competing models of the same size. Such choice is dictated by the need to put in a Lt. 110 fuel tank. Such placement is ideal for perfectly balancing weights on board and leaving room for stowage of objects within the console.

Moved to the starboard of the deck, it favors a passage to the port. Driving position is central to the deck in perfect axis to the keel.

The stern has a large seat cushion, mainly used for driving or as a sunbathing area. Thanks to the INOX & cushion folding backrest. The aft sunbathing area serves both as a seat, with backrest folded upright on the main cushion and as a backrest for stand up driving, with cushion rotated towards the bow. This last position enlarges the stern cushion and transforms it in a larger sunbathing area.The stern storage area is ample and allows for storage of all deck cushions (when in need of storing them) or safety equipment to be easily accessible at any time.

A lateral passage allows not to tread on the cushions to access the bilge area. Such passage is wide enough to pass with one foot in front of the other.The bilge area is particularly spacious to allow an easy ascent from the transom. With the addition of 2 AFT fiberglass platforms with teak inserts the transom enlarges and allows for the installation of a INOX ladder.


Technische specificaties

Lengte All Out: 5,60 m
Max Beam (opgeblazen): 2,26 m
Deck Lengte: 4,45 m
straal: 1,26 m
tubes Diameter: 52 cm
buizen Pressure: 0,30 Geldautomaat
Droog gewicht: 400 Kg
luchtcompartimenten: n ° 6
Max mensen aan boord: n°12
Max Motorverm: 85 kw (115 PK)
Motor Aslengte: L x 1
Hull Bouwmateriaal: Glasvezel
zelflozende: Ja
Storage Spaces: n ° 6
project Categorie: C
trailerbaar: opgeblazen


Standaard uitrusting

Het herstellen kit
Utilities panel (verschillende functies)
de handleiding + CE-gecertificeerd
Sundeck kussens + bestuurdersstoel
Console met windscherm
Inox leuning
Mechanical steering

Optionele uitrusting

Pair of AFT fiberglass platforms with ladder
Utilities panel (verschillende functies)
Sundeck verlenging + kussen
Inox roll-bar Ø 40 mm (geen lichten)
Brandstoftank lt. 110
console deksel

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